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            Address: North side,Yanzhi Road,Xianyang Hi-tech Development Zone,Xian Yang city,Shaanxi Province
            Postcode: 712000
            Tel: 18691055523(Miss. Zhang)
            Weburl: http://www.ru-donte.com
            OnlineQQ: 89048893
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            The Company has continuously implemented the standards and criterion of ISO9001:2008,ISO/TS16949:2002, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2007, and tightly follows the standards of TS16949 throughout the course starting from products development stage to service.

            1. Production Processes Quality Control
            During the production processes, the Company applies Statistical Process Control (SPC), which uses mathematical statistics method to collect, process and analyze data generated from production and manufacturing processes thus to understand, forecast and monitor the operation status and level of each process. It is a quality control method which puts prevention first. By applying this method, we can find then eliminate nonconforming product before it is produced, thus we can save cost, reduce the cost of rejects, as well as manufacture products of superior quality.

            2. Raw Material Inspection
            Conduct chemical composition inspection for raw material with direct-reading infrared spectrometer produced by Japan, which is characterized by high analysis efficiency, high analysis precision and good repeatability;
            Conduct measurement and analysis for non-metallic elements of carbon and sulfur with infrared carbon sulfur analyzer which is of high efficiency and precision;
            Conduct end quenching hardenability inspection with automatic hardness checking device produced by US, which is of high checking precision and efficiency, and can avoid manual operating errors;
            Conduct metallurgical sample preparation with automatic cutting machine and grinding & polishing machine produced by US that are characterized by maintaining the original condition and assuring of accurate result of inspection;
            Conduct metallurgical micro-analysis with Olympus metallurgical microscope of Japan. It can do band inspection, nonmetallic inclusions inspection, grain size and other inspections, it has automatic analyzing function;
            Conduct hardenability testing with end quenching testing machine;
            3. Forging parts lay-out inspection.
            The Company employs CMM to do lay-out inspection for forging parts and dies.
            4. Performance inspection for forging parts
            Conduct internal structure inspection for forging parts with Olympus metallurgical microscope;
            Conduct micro-hardness checking with micro-hardness checking device;
            Conduct defect analysis with Olympus stereomicroscope;
            Conduct hardness checking and testing ,it processes advantages of high precision and efficiency, can avoid measurement errors manually made too;

            In a word, in the aspect of quality assurance capability, our company can produce products of higher quality than others by following customer-oriented quality management policy, as well as by employing raw material of superior quality, advanced inspection equipment and skilled inspection staff.

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            Address:North side,Yanzhi Road,Xianyang Hi-tech Development Zone,Xian Yang city,Shaanxi Province    Post code:712000    Tel:18691055523(Miss. Zhang)    Fax:+86-29-38012000    Mailbox:sales@xythdz.com