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            Xian yang tong hui forging Co.,ltd is established in 1993 and is a wholly owned private company in Xian yang city of China,Which has 46,000 square meters area.

            The company engages in manufacturing of various forging parts for both automotive and non-automotive industry. Such as flanges, cylinders, gears, roll-type shafts, shaf……More>>

            We will atte… 09-14
            TONGHUI mall… 09-05
            Customer fro… 04-10
            We will atte… 04-10

            Xianyang tonghui forging Co.,Ltd  Copy right © 1993-2014    Technical support:萬企互聯
            Address:North side,Yanzhi Road,Xianyang Hi-tech Development Zone,Xian Yang city,Shaanxi Province    Post code:712000    Tel:18691055523(Miss. Zhang)    Fax:+86-29-38012000    Mailbox:sales@xythdz.com